The LST filter technology is the enabling technology behind the adidas eyewear filters. It compensates extreme light variations, enhances contrasts and filters out dangerous light waves of up to 400 nanometres.Unique hydrophobic coating and a particularly flat frame design quickly repel water droplets, without leaving any annoying streaks on the filters. Particles of dirt and dust are simply washed away.Extremely large and strongly curved 10-base filters give the impression of 360 vision, ensuring an optimal view of the surrounding terrain at all times.Quick-Change Lens System combined with new Lens Lock System provides simple, fast but sturdy lens changing feature enabling wearer to adapt eyewear to all lighting and weather conditions.The frame of the tycane is made from especially light, flexible and shatterproof SPX material.

The new evil eye evo by adidas eyewear with its revolutionary sculpted frame and red fire lenses, is built for gravity moves to suit an aggressive riding style. The combination of bigger lens size and the distinctive extreme lens curvature results in an unbelievable feeling of visual freedom. Previous adidas evil eye's represented the best high-tech eyewear over the last decade, which the new evil eye evo has evolved to provide razor sharp clear visibility with a wider field of vision and ensures a precise and secure fit for the roughest rides with greater personalization

Adidas Sonnenbrille Evil Eye Evo Pro L A193 SNDXDMIWZ

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Adidas Sonnenbrille Evil Eye Evo Pro L A193 SNDXDMIWZ

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